I learned that courage was not the absence of fear, but the triumph over it. The brave man is not he who does not feel afraid, but he who conquers that fear. —Nelson Mandela

Heal This Land is a Sanctuary to Balance yourself and connect to your True Nature, Creating Peace within, whether it is through the Yin of Yoga or the Yang of Karate, or Both. It is about taming the mind and conquering FEAR.

........Everyone should have a space that they can retreat to, when they feel the need for space, time to relax & unwind, and just BE.... a place that is all your own, a Sanctuary, where you can refuel and refocus. A Sanctuary is a place that restores us, replenishes us, nourishes us. In this renewal, we are reminded, once again, of what really is important. We are wired to need grounding and renewal. Yes, I believe it’s in our emotional DNA.
So you’d think creating sanctuary would be at the top of our priorities.
A physical sanctuary should:
Allow for reflection
Provide relative isolation or be with like minded people
Eliminate distractions
Whether it’s a room you can retreat to, or somewhere outdoors, in some quiet space, or simply taking time to go inward in your mind, its important to take time to find self-nurture and healing and refuge......

Borrowed from Sacred Dreams.

Majority of extracurricular activities run all year with mini breaks it is always good to have variety and balance in everything you do in Life. We have a flexible Schedule, pricing and programs, whereby you can complement and enhance your other sports or passions to help you attain and stay at the top of your game. Come Train, Learn and Practice with us all year..
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